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Movie And Film Production Equipment Rental Tips And Tricks

Are you a photographer, videographer or part of a film crew that needs to rent necessary equipment needed for a shoot to run smoothly? Not all rental companies are equal and there are some things to be mindful of when browsing your different options for the different equipment your production needs.

How long have they been in the equipment rental industry?

You want to work with a company that knows the industry inside and out. You want a team that knows what it’s like to work on set and the common issues that frequently occur. It would probably be helpful if the company has served other projects like yours before. If you’re working on a television commercial maybe check to see what other commercial shoots they have worked on. Same things goes for feature films and still photography shoots as well. You just want to get an idea of the type of productions they have worked on in the past.

If you’re in the film production industry who do your colleagues recommend?

Especially if you ask some of the more veteran production personnel, I’m sure they’ll have recommendations for Los Angeles production equipment rentals that they have used successfully in the past for work on a television or film project.

How do you get the equipment?

Depending on the size of your order and how much equipment you plan on renting out, some rental houses will load all of your equipment for you in cube truck and either have it ready for you to pick up at their business or they’ll even drive it to your location and meet you there. Pretty nifty stuff. Additional costs will most likely be involved since this is an extra service but it may be very well worth it to keep your sanity and not have to worry about finding a production assistant with the required drivers license.

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Featured Post

How Being A Limo Driver Can Teach You About Becoming A Millionaire

Most people say the best way to become a millionaire is to go to college, get a degree, and land a good job. Very few people tell you that an attractive alternative to this course of action is to become a limousine driver. I am one of those few people. I actually was employed by a limo service in Riverside, Ca and I want to tell you why being a limo driver can be such an attractive option.

Handsome chauffeur in the car

First off, you get to meet and greet corporate giants, movie stars, entrepreneurs, and (if you’re lucky) world leaders. You get to see how these highly successful people go about their business. You get to see how they think, how they carry themselves, and–most importantly–how they believe in themselves. They say there is no substitute for experience, and the experience of being around these sorts of people can only do you good.

The access a limo driver has to the mind of a successful person is the envy of every business student or small business owner–think about that for a second–a limo driver gets to pick the brain of some the world’s most influential, and successful people. The short conversations here and there and the mentorship connected to these interactions is something you cannot buy or get at university or college.

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How to Hire a Concrete Contractor That Doesn’t Let You Down

We all desire to have beautiful homes with well done concrete work. However, the process of hiring the most qualified Los Angeles concrete contractors is not always that easy for most of us. The following are some of the steps you can follow on how to hire a concrete contractor.

Post Your Ad In A Los Angeles, CA Classifieds Directoryconstruction-equipment

You can either post your ad that you are looking for a concrete contractor online or on your local newspaper or ad directories. This will let concrete contractors in the Los Angeles area know that you are in need of their service and will give you a wide variety of choices. If you want to hire a local contractor only, then post it in your local directory or indicate on your job posting that you are only accepting applicants in your area.

Search More Meticulously, Ask Neighbors & Friends

Another great way to look for the right person to hire is to search online meticulously. There are several websites that list service providers accordingly. Look for the specifications you have for the project and start looking for the professional you need. It’s highly likely somebody you know has already done business with a concrete services company and it’s smart to use a referral to be introduced to a business. An alternative on this is to look among business listing books and yellow pages.

Make Sure They Have Suitable Experience

If you are building a completely separate addition to your home, make sure your contractor has the appropriate experience and has performed similar projects in the past. You don’t wish to hire a concrete contractor to do all of the work, since their level of expertise will be limited to forming and pouring concrete slabs, not vertical construction. An ideal contractor will be someone who has experience managing all phases of construction from the foundation to the roof, to interior finishes. Of course, if you are just looking to have your house painted, then a painting contractor will be sufficient to perform this kind of work on your home.

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